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Hyun Bin With a Mustache and Playful Side

Actor Hyun Bin showed a mischievous side.


On the 29th, Plus M Entertainment's official account posted a video with the message, "Where did the seriousness in the preview go?"

"The Point Men" starring Hwang Jung-min, Hyun Bin and Kang Ki-young will be released in theaters on January 18th".

In the released video, Hwang Jung-min, Hyun Bin, and Kang Ki-young are posing in line with the camera focus. In particular, Hyun Bin is creating a mischievous charm by changing his expression from a solemn expression to a bright smile.

They worked together in the movie "The Point Men" which is set to be released on January 18th. Meanwhile, Hyun Bin made a surprise wedding announcement in February, more than a year after his public relationship with Son Ye-jin. And in March, they had a private wedding and reported the news of their baby's birth in November.

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