"I Picked Up a Star on the Road" Sung Hoon Is Romcom King

Sung Hoon became the romantic comedy king in "I Picked Up a Star on the Road".


He took on the role of Kang Joon-hyeok, a world star in the Oksusu original drama "I Picked Up a Star on the Road".

In the final episode, Kang Joon-hyeok expressed his sincere feelings for Lee Yeon-seo (Kim Ga-eun) even when his life was at stake at the hands of a kidnapper. He displayed some action moves to save Lee Yeon-seo.

Right after the final episode, Sung Hoon said, "It was great working with great people. I had a lot of fun and I didn't know time had gone by this quickly".

"Kang Joon-hyeok will remain meaningful to me and I want to thank the viewers for their support".

Sung Hoon is coming back with the Netflix drama "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot Season 2".