[Interview] Han Bo-reum, "'Go Back Couple' Was Most Like Me"

Actress Han Bo-reum chose "Go Back Couple" as her most memorable piece of work.

She played Yoon Bo-reum, a single aerobics instructor with a hot temper in the 2017 KBS 2TV drama "Go Back Couple", which is about a married couple that regrets getting married.

Han Bo-reum picked Yoon Bo-reum as her most memorable character in the interview on the 20th.

"Yoon Bo-reum was most like me. I was amazed, because we have the same names too", the actress said. "I was at the audition for another role, but I told them I wanted to read Yoon Bo-reum's lines. The producer and the writer said I was what they were looking for in Yoon Bo-reum. I was so happy to get the opportunity".

"Go Back Couple" was a popular drama and Han Bo-reum's reputation went up with it. That year, Han Bo-reum received the Best Rookie Actress at the 25th Korean Culture Awards.

She said, "I've always played fancy roles, and this is my first time doing something different. I became confident from all the praises I got, so that's why "Go Back Couple" is my favorite character and drama".

Yoon Bo-reum used to be a popular cheerleader in the drama. Therefore, Han Bo-reum practiced cheerleading whenever she could. Hence, the cheerleading scenes went on throughout the drama, when it was only meant for the beginning.

Meanwhile, Han Bo-reum had her first starring role in the drama "Level Up".

She said, ""Level Up" was a challenge for me, but now that it's over I have nothing but good memories of it. My life has 'leveled up' thanks to it".

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