[Ishani's Picks] Bang Minah, Kwon Hwa-woon and An Woo-yeon's "Check Out the Event" Is a Mini Masterpiece That You Do Not Want to Miss

"Check Out the Event" is the latest short form mini-drama with four episodes, airing on MBC that is stealing hearts with its charming story. Starring Bang Minah, Kwon Hwa-woon and An Woo-yeon in the leading roles, the story revolves about the fragility and strength of human relationships.


Bang Minah plays Ha Song-i, a career woman who is very much in love with her partner of 5 years, Park Do-gyeom, a musician, played by Kwon Hwa-woon. The narrative starts off with a rather shocking revelation. Park Do-gyeom wants to break up with Ha Song-i because he simply can't write music with her around. It is hard for Ha Song-i to accept that as a rational explanation and insists on a better, understandable reason. Right when Ha Song-i is finally starting to prepare herself to get over him, she gets a notification that she has won a free couple's trip with Park Do-gyeom.

Seeing it as a sign to give their relationship one final chance, Song-i convinces Do-gyeom to tag along. What Song-i considers an attempt at repairing their relationship is what Do-gyeom calls a goodbye trip. With such divisive and glaringly opposed mindsets, the two set out for Jeju.

While the story seems rather simple and even melodramatic so far, it has mystery lingering in the recesses. Park Do-gyeom has not betrayed Song-i's trust or cheated on her, unlike what Song-i perceives to be the reason behind their break-up.

From what it looks like, Park Do-gyeom perhaps doesn't even want to break up with Song-i but is forced to because of his circumstances. His eyes give away his longing for her and he cannot help his jealousy when Seo Ji-kang, the tour guide, played by An Woo-yeon, makes his interest in Song-i clear.

However, we have to admit, it is rather frustrating to sit back and watch the lead couple slowly drift away from each other simply because Park Do-gyeom cannot disclose the real reason for their break-up to her. It is clear that he's after someone that is potentially dangerous but keeping such information from your significant other is no less problematic.

Song-i is perceptive and catches on to the fact that Park Do-gyeom is bothered by their distance, especially when So Ji-kang is around but is holding himself back. She keeps prodding him where it hurts until he explodes but once again, Do-gyeom draws a conclusion by asking her to meet a better person.

With Ha Song-i and Park Do-gyeom's relationship at a forked road, it will be interesting to see whether Song-i truly does decide that she deserves better or sticks by the one she truly, irrevocably loves. With two episodes down and two more to go, viewers' curiosity is at its peak as the climax awaits.

Without a doubt, Minah is the true star of the show. While all the actors are equally brilliant, Minah's character allows a wide scope for her to truly explore her strengths. We laugh and cry with her without hesitation and just within 2 episodes, she has embodied her character with so much grace that we cannot help but root for Song-i with adoration and endearment. Kwon Hwa-woon is the perfect pillar of stoic indifference on the surface but a gentle lover deep down whereas An Woo-yeon is simply the ideal man in this situation. With such an incredibly cast and an equally riveting storyline, we wish "Check Out the Event" had more episodes.

Are you watching "Check Out the Event"? Are you Team Park Do-gyeom or Team Seo Ji-kang? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

By Ishani Sarkar


"Check Out the Event" is directed by Kim Ji-hoon-XIV, Lee Han-joon, written by Kim Tae-joo, and features Bang Minah, Kwon Hwa-woon, An Woo-yeon, Kim Hee-chang, Kim Young-sun, Lee Jin-hyuk. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2021/08/14~Now airing, Sat 21:50 on MBC.