Jang Do-yeon Finally Meets Son Sukku

Actor Son Sukku met Jang Do-yeon, a broadcaster whom he mentioned as his ideal type, and showed off full-fledged fluttering. It can be said that excitement reached its peak.


On the 27th, the next guest was revealed at the end of the video of the channel Theo "Congratulations On Your Good Looks | EP.30 Lee Jae-wook & Lee Jun-young | "Salon Drip 2".

Jang Do-yeon expressed her shyness, saying, "I'm excited when this person's name comes out, and I'm also curious about him today".

Kim Hee-ae, who likes Son Sukku as a junior actor, then appeared saying, "Son Sukku likes Jang Do-yeon", and Gong Yoo also said, "Son Sukku says Jang Do-yeon is his ideal type".

Jang Do-yeon amplified the excitement by saying to herself, "I will confess to him soon".

Soon, the two met. Son Sukku represented his heart with lines from the drama "The Heirs", in which he said, "Do I like you?" and Jang Do-yeon could not hide her happiness.

Earlier, Son Sukku appeared on a program in the past and chose Jang Do-yeon as his ideal type. At the time, he said, "I like bright people. I like Jang Do-yeon. She is very funny and bright". Since then, the name of Son Sukku has been frequently mentioned in programs featuring Jang Do-yeon, and the guests of "Salon's Trip 2" also wished for a meeting with Jang Do-yeon and Son Sukku.

Meanwhile, the broadcast featuring Son Sukku will be released on March 12th.