Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ha-neul confirmed to star in SBS's "A Gentleman's Dignity"

Actor Jang Dong-gun and actress Kim Ha-neul will star in a drama as lovers.


Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ha-neul have confirmed to star in the new SBS weekend drama "A Gentleman's Dignity", which is coming this May. They have joined hands with writer Kim Eun-sook and producer Shin Woo-cheol from "Secret Garden".

"A Gentleman's Dignity" is a romantic comedy about four middle aged people who have reached their 40's but are still romantics and four women who long for romance.

Jang Dong-gun, who is returning to TV for the first time in 12 years, will be taking on the role of spiteful architecture firm manager Kim Do-jin. Kim Ha-neul is not tough but determined, not bad-tempered but cool high school teacher Song Ee-soo.

Jang Dong-gun said, "The conditions were hard for me because of the Chinese movie I am filming but the crew's consideration and effort helped to put everything into place and I decided to work together with them because of trust".

Kim Ha-neul said, "I am happy to be working with writer Kim Eun-sook and producer Shin Woo-cheol from "On Air" again".

The production announced, "Thanks to the will of the crew to create something perfect, the casting took a long time. We hope everyone's anticipation matches the effort we've put in so far".