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JANG Dong-gun's The Warrior's Way gets U.S. release

The long gestating "The Warrior's Way" is finally coming to the big screen with a release in the U.S. The multinational cast who play within the film's fantastical narrative include Korea superstar Jang Dong-gun ("Friend", 2001), Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns 2006) and Geoffrey Rush (Shine 1996). Jang Don-gun joins a host of other Korean actors such as Lee Byeong-hyeon (GI Joe, 2009) and Rain ("Ninja Assassin", 2009) who have been making inroads into Hollywood and other English speaking markets of late.

JANG plays Yang, the world's greatest swordsman, who leaves his home with baby in tow and settles in the Wild West. as a lowly laundry worker in a small town he soon comes in conflict with a gang of vicious thugs who threaten the town and Yang's hidden identity. his forced to abandon his washing and again pick up his sword and lead the town to battle.

Not only the US$40 million budget but also significant expectation has been invested in the film's success. ambitious project includes a multi-ethnic cast, a broad genre traversing narrative and is also a multi-national project that was shot in New Zealand with Korea and the U.S. sharing co-production credits. film has taken over two years to reach the big screen since shooting wrapped up in the beginning of 2008. The film is produced by Michael Peyser (Speed 2 1997), Lee Joo-ik ("Late Autumn - 2010") and Barrie Osborne (The Rings Trilogy 2001,2002,2003) and is being distributed in the U.S. by Relativity Media. film will be released simultaneously in the U.S. and Korea on December 2.

David Oxenbridge KOFIC


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