Jeon Jin-seo's Rapid Growth and Maturity

Actor Jeon Jin-seo revealed his recent growth.


On the 3rd, the agency ENTER7 released a new profile picture of Jeon Jin-seo on its official Instagram.

The released photos showed Jeon Jin-seo, who grew from a young boy to a mature young man in the dramas "The Heirs" and "Mr. Sunshine". Jeon Jin-seo showed off his warm visuals by creating a refreshing summer mood with a white shirt and jeans styling.

In another cut, Jeon Jin-seo produced a casual styling, drawing attention with a visual like the male lead in a high-teen drama. The colorful charm of Jeon Jin-seo, who has become a 'desirable icon of growth' from a young boy, is expected to show more.

Jeon Jin-seo is in his 10th year since debuting this year and turned 18 years old born in 2006. He plans to speed up his work by opening a new profile in earnest. Earlier, Jeon Jin-seo appeared as the child version of Lee Byung-hun, Lee Min-ho, and Kang Tae-oh in the dramas "Mr. Sunshine", "The Legend of the Blue Sea", and "The Tale of Nokdu" respectively, drawing expectations through his big works. In addition to child roles, he once again made his name known as Lee Joon-yeong, the son of the main character Seon-woo (Kim Hee-ae) in JTBC's "The World of the Married"

Jun Jin-seo is currently reviewing his next work.

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