Jeon Jong-seo and Bold Elegance

Actress Jeon Jong-seo, who stood tall as an MZ icon, showed off her feminine mood.


Actress Jeon Jong-seo unveiled a pictorial for the 2024 Spring and Summer Collection with LANVIN COLLECTION and Vogue Korea on the 21st.

The Lanvin Collection is a bold elegance brand based on 'Lanvin PARIS'. Jeon Jong-seo in the pictorial expresses the unique feminine mood of the Lanvin Collection in harmony with hher urban mood and expresses her fresh charm.

Jeon Jong-seo, known for her gorgeous bodyline, improved the completeness by digesting products with feminine silhouettes such as luxurious tweed set-ups and lace pants and jackets with her charm.

An official from Lanvin Collection said, "We will launch various campaigns in the future with this 24 S/S Collection, which combines the unique heritage and romantic mood of the brand named Lanvin" adding, "We are happy to express the bold charm of another Lanvin Collection to consumers, away from the existing image, through a photo shoot with actress Jeon Jong-seo, who digests various characters in the work in her own style".

Meanwhile, Jeon Jong-seo is starring in tvN's drama "Wedding Impossible" and has recently attracted attention for her first baseball pitch in leggings.