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Jeonju Bibimbap Festival Celebrates Korean Cuisine

The capital city of North Jeolla Province, Jeonju is yet again sharing its renowned taste with the rest of the country through its annual bibimbap festival.
The event centers around the classic Korean dish of bibimbap, which is usually served as a delicious mix of rice, vegetables, and chili pepper paste.
Visitors will be able to admire and taste traditional Korean cuisine and witness trendy chefs blend art and food into mouth-watering masterpieces.

[Interview : Kang Hye-seon, Festival Visitor] "It's much than just food. It's like a painting. It's so beautiful what they can do in a single bowl. It's so much more than food".

Jeonju is famous for its own version of bibimbap, which is said to based on a recipe used by the royal court of the Joseon Dynasty.
Over 190 vendors will be at the festival to sell local ingredients so everyone can enjoy this unique regional specialty.

[Interview : Choi Young-ja, Festival Visitor
] "I bought some seaweed, sesame leaves, and spicy pepper paste. It's quite savory and delicious. You can't find this taste anywhere else".

The four-day festival will also offer a wide range of cultural performances and fun activities that organizers hope will establish Jeonju as the center of Korean cuisine and promote bibimbap internationally.

[Interview : Jung Sung-yeop, General Manager of Operations
2012 Jeonju Bibimbap Festival

] "The great taste and quality of the food reflect the creativity of the city. We mix all these great characteristics through a culture of food to make this festival".

The Jeonju Bibimbap Festival will run until October 21st.
Complete details are available online at

Paul Yi, Arirang News

OCT 21, 2012


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