Ji Chang-wook Turns Down "The Mantis"

Actor Ji Chang-wook was offered to appear in the drama "The Mantis" but he refused.


Ji Chang-wook was offered to appear in "The Mantis" but he declined because the schedule did not match, the agency Spring Company said on the 9th.

"The Mantis" is a remake of the original French drama, about a woman being imprisoned as a serial killer a long time ago, when someone begins a serial murder that imitates her.

Earlier, Go Hyun-jung was offered the role of the main character, a serial killer, and is considering it.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook is starring as Jo Yong-pil in JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama "Welcome to Samdal-ri" which is currently airing.

He was cast in the original TVING series "Queen Woo".