Ji Ho-geun and Jinkwon In BL "Jazz for Two"

Rookie Ji Ho-geun and group Newkidd Jinkwon will meet in the BL (Boys Love) movie "Jazz for Two".


The drama is about art students suffering from agony and pressure who grow up through love and music. The webtoon of the same name is based on the original book written by Clage. Director Song Soo-lim of "A Shoulder to Cry On" (2023) will direct.

Ji Ho-geun is making his debut movie. He will play the talented Han Tae-i. He is always calm with an expressionless face. Jinkwon is Yoon Se-heon, a transfer student at Woo-yeon Art High School. He overcome his father's and elder brother's complexion with music with jazz. When he meets Tae-i, he undergoes emotional changes.

Hangyeom, a member of the OMEGA X group, will play Seo Do-yoon, a drummer. He has a secret behind his optimistic smile. Kim Jung-ha will break down into a guitarist named Song Joo-ha and show off his fresh charms.

It will be released next month.