Ji Seung-hyun and Han Jae-yi to Join "Good Partner"

Actors Ji Seung-hyun and Han Jae-yi continue their trend as "Good Partner".


SBS TV's "Good Partner" tells the story of Cha Eun-kyeong (Jang Nara), a star lawyer whose job is to divorce, and Han Yoo-ri (Nam Ji-hyun), a new lawyer who has never been through one.

Ji Seung-hyun, who received hot reviews for his role as Yang-gyu in the KBS drama "Korea-Khitan War", is expected to make a different acting transformation as Kim Ji-sang. A medical consultant physician at the law firm Daejung, he is willing to sacrifice for his bulldozer-like wife, Cha Eun-kyung's dreams and a happy family, but begins to falter as a crisis comes to his exhausted and poor marital relationship. Ji Seung-hyun stimulates the psychology of his expectation that he will portray Kim Ji-sang, who is shaking precariously.

Ji Seung-hyun said, "I'm happy to be with good people in a good work. The reason I chose "Good Partner" is that I decided to join because I thought I could show you a 180-degree different color of acting from what I showed in "Korea-Khitan War"", he said.

Han Jae-yi, who has emerged as a rising actor through Netflix's original "Mask Girl", transforms into Cha Eun-kyeong's 10th-year secretary Choi Sa-ra. Choi Sa-ra, who joined the company as a secretary and rose to the position of chief of staff, is a woman of grit. She is moving toward her goal with admiration and jealousy as the driving force, but she crosses an irreversible line and faces upheaval. Expectations are high on how Han Jae-yi, equipped with a new mask, will captivate viewers.

Han Jae-yi said, "I'm happy and happy to be a part of "Good Partner"".

Meanwhile, Jang Nara, Nam Ji-hyun, Kim Jun-han, P.O, Ji Seung-hyun, and Han Jae-yi have confirmed their appearance in the "Good Partner", which is scheduled to air in 2024.