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Jo Hyang-gi, Lee Hye-won, Sim Jin-hwa Without Han Yoo-ra

Actress Jo Hyang-gi showed an unexpected combination.


On the 10th, Jo Hyang-gi posted a photo with Lee Hye-won and Shim Jin-hwa on her Instagram. She added the caption "Good encounters are always exciting. I felt empty because there was no Han Yoo-ra, but... I'll see you again!"

In the picture, Jo Hyang-gi is meeting with Ahn Jung-hwan's wife Lee Hye-won and Kim Won-hyo's wife Shim Jin-hwa. The three show an unexpected combination and smile cheerfully. The three are missing Jung Hyung-don's wife, Han Yoo-ra.

Meanwhile, Jo Hyang-gi appeared on KBS1's "The All-Round Wife", a realistic family drama in which Seo Cho-hee, who struggles to raise the class of life through a house in Gangnam, realizes that happiness is not a house itself, but people who care for each other in that house.

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