Joint Korea-Japan Production 'Yakiniku Dragon' to Open

Playwright and 3rd generation Korean-Japanese Chong Wishing is bringing "Yakiniku Dragon" to the stage with a joint Korean and Japanese cast and crew.

It will be a joint production prepared by the Seoul Arts Center on its 20th anniversary and Japan's New National Theater on its 10th. "Yakiniku Dragon" is their second joint play after their last project in 2002, "Across the River".

"Yakiniku Dragon" will be performed in Japan from the 17th to the 27th, then at the Seoul Arts Center's Towol Theater next month from the 20th to the 25th.

"Yakiniku Dragon" is the new production by Chong, a renowned playwright in the Japanese movie and theater industry. Chong and rising Korean director Yang Jung-woong are collaborating directors for the play, and they are joined by an international cast-- Shin Chul-jin, Shiba Tetsuya, Go Soo-hee, and Joo In-young.

Chong, a third generation Korean-Japanese, based the story on his own childhood experience. "Yakiniku Dragon" tells the story of a young boy who feels welcomed neither by the Japanese nor Korean societies.

The play is told through six family members and the guests who frequent a chitlins restaurant.