Joo Sang-wook, Lee Seung-gi, Lee Jong-suk and Kim Nam-gil, Award-winning Actors

Actors Joo Sang-wook, Lee Seung-ki, Kim Nam-gil and Lee Jong-suk became the main characters of the 2022 acting awards for three terrestrial broadcasters. Attention is focusing on what activities these award-winning actors will continue in 2023.


Joo Sang-wook won the joint grand prize with Lee Seung-gi at the 2022 KBS Acting Awards. Joo Sang-wook won the grand prize for his first acting award for KBS historical drama "The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won" (written by Lee Jeong-woo-III, directed by Kim Hyeong-il and Shim Jae-hyun-I).

Joo Sang-wook is planning to star in the ENA drama "Bo-ra! Deborah" written by Ah Kyung, directed by Lee Tae-gon-I, and Seo Min-jung-III)" in the first half of this year. "Bo-ra! Deborah" depicts a romantic comedy in which the strongest love coach Deborah (Yoo In-na) and the chic man Lee Soo-hyeok (Yoon Hyun-min), who has difficulty in love, burst into love.

Joo Sang-wook plays Han Sang-jin, Lee Soo-hyeok's close friend and business partner, the representative of publishing company Jinri. Joo Sang-wook's return to a modern drama, not a historical drama, raises questions.

Lee Seung-gi won his first grand prize at the 2022 KBS Acting Awards with the KBS drama "The Law Cafe" (written by Lim Eui-jung and directed by Lee Eun-jin).

Lee Seung-gi appeared at the awards ceremony with a shaved head, drawing attention. Recently, he was embroiled in a lawsuit with his former agency Hook Entertainment, raising questions about whether his hairstyle was changed due to a change in his mind, but it turned out that this was due to the movie he is currently filming.

Lee Seung-gi, who is filming the human comedy film "About Family" (director Yang Woo-seok), plays the role of the chief monk in the drama and shaved his head for this purpose. "About Family" is a story about an elite medical student who marries, leaving his single father alone.

In addition to "About Family", Lee Seung-gi will continue his entertainment activities as the MC of JTBC's global idol survival program "Peak Time".

Lee Jong-suk won the grand prize at the 2022 MBC Acting Awards. Appearing in the MBC drama "Big Mouth" (written by Kim Ha-ram, directed by Oh Choong-hwan), he won the honor of winning the MBC Drama Awards for the second time in six years since "W" (2016).

Lee Jong-suk is by far the most talked-about figure at the year-end awards ceremony. In his acceptance speech, he said, "I had a lot of worries, fears, and pains after serving in the military, and at that time, there was someone who helped me think of a good direction and positive thoughts", adding, "I have something I really want to tell her through this opportunity. Thank you for always being so cool and I want to tell you that I've liked you a lot for a very long time and that I respect you so much", he said. Since then, it has been revealed that 'she' is singer and actress Lee Ji-eun (IU). The two officially acknowledged their romantic relationship and announced the birth of a top-star couple.

Lee Jong-suk is currently considering his next film. Expectations are high for future acting moves as he proved his acting skills and popularity through last year's dramas "The Witch : Part 2. The Other One", "Decibel" and drama "Big Mouth".

Kim Nam-gil won the SBS Acting Grand Prize again in three years after "The Fiery Priest" (2019) for the SBS drama "Through the Darkness" (written by Seol Yi-na, directed by Park Bo-ram).

Kim Nam-gil is meeting with viewers through the TVING original "Island - Drama" which released the first and second episodes on December 30th last year. "Island - Drama" tells the story of Ban (Kim Nam-gil), who has endured thousands of years to confront the evil spirit Jung Yeom-gwi, who attacks the mysterious island of Jeju, Mi-ho (Lee Da-hee) and Yo-han (Cha Eun-woo), who are at the center of fate. In "Ireland", Kim Nam-gil plays the character Ban, who is against evil in preparation for the end of the world, but is raised as a tragic being who cannot mingle with humans.

Kim Nam-gil will continue to work hard in 2023. The movie "A Man of Reason" and "Nocturnal" are set to be released, and he is in the middle of filming Netflix's original "Song of the Bandits". Attention is drawn to Kim Nam-gil's move to and from dramas and movies.