Jung Chae-yull's One-Year Death Anniversary

Actress Jung Chae-yull marked the first anniversary of her death.


She passed away on April 11th last year. She was 26 years old. Jung Chae-yull posted a video on her Instagram on the 10th, a day before, and left a message saying, "Let's smile".

At the time, the agency paid tribute to the deceased's sudden sad news, saying, "When it comes to acting, actress Jung Chae-yull, who was always warm and friendly to everyone, was more sincere and passionate than anyone else".

"We cheered for the actress more than anyone else and will love her forever", it said, adding, "We will remember the star and brilliantly beautiful actress Jung Chae-yull who will shine forever in our hearts".

Actor Ha Do-kwon said, "Chae-yull! I still vividly remember your voice saying that you wanted to work with me this year. You have always been a beautiful and bright actor. R.I.P". Ha Do-kwan also collaborated with the deceased in "Zombie Detective".

The tvN drama "Wedding Impossible", which the deceased was filming at the time, temporarily suspended filming and adjusted its future schedule. Filming resumed after the deceased had been buried.

Born in 1996, Jung Chae-yull was a model-turned-actress. After making her face known by appearing on "The Devil's Runway" in 2016, Jung Chae-yull has continued her acting career by appearing in the drama "Zombie Detective" (2020) and the movie "Deep" (2018).