Jung Hye-sung, "I learned a lot from Choi Min-soo"


This actress has big eyes and a clear soul. She's Jung Hye-sung who has been slowly building her filmography.

Jung Hye-sung started getting acknowledged in the MBC drama "Pride and Prejudice". She debuted in 2009 with MBC "Friend, Our Story" and has been making her way since, but it's only now that we're settling down to get to know her better.

Jung Hye-sung co-stars along with Choi Wooshik in "Pride and Prejudice" as a smart but coy character. Her big features drew the attention of the male population.

"It was fun. The leading cast must've had a hard time but I really had fun. The waiting time was long but because there were so many people my age, the waiting wasn't that terrible and we could become friends".

Other than those her age, middle-aged actors and actresses like Choi Min-soo and Choi Yeo-jin also helped to make the drama deep and meaningful. It could've been pressurizing for a rookie like Jung Hye-sung.

"It was tough. I wondered if I could do it. There are limits to bing young. Kim Yeo-jin gave me some answers for my concerns. She said what I can do now might come back to me when I get older".

She claims she learned a lot from Choi Min-soo as well. Working with such seniors is a great opportunity to learn.

"Kim Yeo-jin gave me advice about being an actress and Choi Min-soo gave me advice on how I should act on site and how to deal with my lines. He even pointed out pronunciation. His lessons will be a great foundation for me in the future".

Jung Hye-sung created chemistry with Choi Wooshik. They made the 'heavy' drama a step lighter. In the process, Jung Hye-sung's cheerful personality and her hot body were highlighted.

"I was close to Woo-sik. We were both born in the 90s so we had a lot to talk about. Woo-sik is a cutey to older people but he's a great elder for those younger than him Then again, he's like a baby sometimes. He made working fun".

Jung Hye-sung has now moved onto "Blood". Thanks to her appeal, work is never ending for her. It might not be easy to bring about the same effect here but still, it means she's got the public on her side.

"It's interesting and I am lucky. I got this job thanks to my previous one. "Potato Star", "Pride and Prejudice" and "Blood" all had something to do with each other. I hear I have a bigger role in "Blood" and I have to do my best".