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Jung Jae-sung to Star in "The Point Men"

Actor Jung Jae-sung will work with Hwang Jung-min and Hyun Bin in the movie "The Point Men".


On the 28th, the agency Fate Entertainment said, "Jung Jae-sung will make a different acting transformation with "The Point Men"".

"The Point Men" depicts a negotiation operation between a diplomat and a local NIS agent who travel to Afghanistan to save South Koreans who are held hostage by the Taliban in the worst kidnapping.

Jung Jae-sung plays Vice Minister Kim, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' response team dispatched to Afghanistan to resolve the abduction case. In the drama, Vice Minister Kim is a high-ranking government official who faithfully follows the minister's decisions and diplomatic manuals.

Jung Jae-sung will work with Hwang Jung-min and Hyun Bin. Hwang Jung-min appears as diplomat Jae-ho and Hyun Bin as an NIS agent Dae-sik.

Jung Jae-sung has appeared in various genres, including the drama "Big Mouth", "My Mister", "Diary of a Prosecutor", "The World of the Married", "Hunt", "Inside Men", "Golden Slumber" and "Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage". Recently, in the drama "The Interest of Love", he has transformed into a bank manager without conscience who makes people obey him under the pretext of a personnel review.

Meanwhile, "The Point Men" will be released on January 18th.

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