Jung So-min and Kim Ji-suk to Star in "Monthly Magazine Home"

Actors Jung So-min and Kim Ji-suk have confirmed starring in the JTBC drama "Monthly Magazine Home".


"Monthly Magazine Home" tells the various stories of editors against the backdrop of a lifestyle magazine. It is a romantic drama about a man who 'buys' a house and a woman who 'lives' in it. It throws the question 'what is a house to you?' and plans to convey pleasant sympathy and warm consolation.

Actors Jung So-min and Kim Ji-suk, who were cast in the roles of Na Yeong-won and Yoo Ja-seong, who have completely different values about the space home, will write stories about home with viewers.

First, Na Yeong-won, played by Jung So-min, is an editor of Living magazine's Monthly Home. She is an ordinary 10-year office worker in South Korea and has been on a 'heavy' monthly rent basis for 10 years, holding onto a bank account that quickly becomes 'empty'. But for Na Yeong-won, home is a place where she can be completely herself and a place of all my emotions. So she carefully cleans and decorates the rent house as if it were her house. But Yoo Ja-seong, the new devilish landlord, appears. He is the reason why she becomes interested in real estate and starts a 'home-building project'.

On the other hand, Kim Ji-suk plays Yoo Ja-seong, to whom the house is just a means of property growth and a place to sleep for a while. He thinks real estate is the only way to get rich in Korea, so he studies during the day, works at a restaurant in the evening, does substitute driving at night and runs construction sites on weekends, reducing sleep and self-teaching himself real estate. He becomes a famous real estate asset and investment expert.

Jung So-min, who is considered one of the best empathic actors with lovely charms and Kim Ji-suk, who renews his life character in each work with sincere acting, are the most anticipated points of "Monthly Magazine Home".

Those with opposite thoughts are expected to settle in the hearts of viewers with a real empathy romance based on the extremely realistic theme of ' home '. In particular, the chemistry of a woman who does not know real estate and a man who thinks of such a woman as pathetic are also interesting factors.

Meanwhile, "Monthly Magazine Home" is produced by Lee Chang-min-I and written by Myeong Soo-hyeon. It will premiere in 2021.