Jung Yu-mi Considers Park Joon-hwa's Latest

Will actress Jung Yu-mi appear in a new film by director Park Joon-hwa?


Jung Yu-mi's agency Management Soop told News N on February 21st that it is 'under positive review' regarding her appearance in director Park Joon-hwa's latest.

Director Park Joon-hwa's new movie is a reunion romance between two men and women who loved each other so much in school but had to break up with each other due to antagonism and mischief of fate. It was previously known as "Love on a Single Log Bridge" but the title is currently undecided.

While actor Ju Ji-hoon is considering the work, expectations are high on whether he will be able to see romance with Jung Yu-mi.

Meanwhile, director Park Joon-hwa directed tvN dramas "Because This Is My First Life", "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" and "Alchemy of Souls". Jung Yu-mi appeared in the movie "Sleep", which was released in September last year.