[Just Out on Blu-ray] Korean Animated Movie "Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs"

Korean movie "Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs" is available to order on a Blu-ray limited edition from YESASIA.

"Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs" (2019)

Blu-ray (First Press Outcase + Sticker + Special Book - Limited Edition)

Directed by Hong Sung-ho

Voiced by Ahn So-yi, Shin Yong-woo, Jeon Jin-ah, Kwon Seong-hyeok, Jeong Jae-heon, Choi Han,...

A lady named Snow White finds a pair of magical shoes that transform her into a classic, princess beauty.
Seven cursed dwarfs need the kiss of a beautiful woman to reverse the spell.
As their paths cross, each will discover the true meaning of beauty.

Release date in Korea : 2019/07/25

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