[Just put on DVD Release] Korean Drama "Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo"

Korean drama "Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo" is available to order on DVD with English subtitles from YESASIA.

"Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo" (2019)

DVD with English subtitles


Directed by Park Won-gook

Written by Kim Ban-di

Network: MBC

With Kim Dong-wook, Kim Kyung-nam, Ryu Deok-hwan, Park Se-young, Kang Seo-jun, Lee Won-jong,...

32 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 (2x35min episodes per day)
"Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo" is a social satire drama about punishing the "haves" of society. It follows Jo Jin-gap, a man who used to be a member of the national judo team, and whose dream of becoming a physical education teacher is dashed when he gets kicked out for his temper. Jin-gap then becomes a civil servant who puts safety first, and works as a labor inspector for the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Broadcast dates in Korea : 2019/04/08~2019/05/28

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