Kang Hoon Cast in "You Are My Spring"

Actor Kang Hoon shows brother and sister chemistry with Seo Hyun-jin in "You Are My Spring".


On the 9th, his agency, Anpio Entertainment, announced that Kang Hoon was cast in tvN's new drama "You Are My Spring".

"You Are My Spring" is a drama about people living under the name 'adults' while they are seven-year-olds at hearts, living together in a building where a murder takes place.

According to Anpio Entertainment, Kang Hoon plays Seo Hyun-jin's younger brother Kang Tae-jeong. Kang Tae-jeong is an attractive bartender who attracts female guests with a handsome face, desirable physical and sensible personality.

"It's an honor to be in the best anticipated drama of 2021. I want to show you various charms by playing Kang Tae-jeong, an attractive bartender", he said. "I think I can learn more from my seniors, so I will do better. I am very excited that it will be a spring-like work for me with a warm and spring-like healing romance".

"You Are My Spring" will premiere on July 5th at 9PM.