Kang Ye-won's continuous lack of success..."Now I'm greedier than ever!"

"Insane" actress Kang Ye-won now wants her movies to succeed.


We met the actress in a café in Seoul on the 30th. She said, "I wasn't so greedy before so I didn't really care if my movie succeeded or not. But now I want my movies to succeed. There's a flow in life. It's the time to succeed with the flow. It's the time to succeed now".

Kang Ye-won used to be successful. The movie "Haeundae" holds a record of 11 million viewers, "Harmony" 3 million, "Hello Ghost" 3 million and "Quick" 3.1 million.

Things started to slow down with "The Huntresses". "My Ordinary Love Story" and "Love Clinic" also didn't show light.

Kang Ye-won said, "That's when things began to go downhill. So I focused on putting more meaning in showing the audience something new all the time".

"Insane" is a thriller about a woman who is forcefully imprisoned in an asylum and a producer who shows interest in her for a TV show.

Kang Ye-won takes on the role of Kang Soo-ah, a suspect for the murder of the Chief of Police.

"Insane" is directed by Lee Cheol-ha and will be released on April 7.