Kang Yul and Song Sung-yoon in "The Elegant Empire"

Actors Kang Yul and Son Sung-yoon show the bare faces of the entertainment and social circles with their realistic acting in "The Elegant Empire".


In KBS 2TV's new daily drama "The Elegant Empire", which will be broadcast after "Woman in a Veil" in August, Kang Yul and Son Sung-yoon will perform as a new actor named Jang Woo-hyeok from small and medium-sized agencies and art museum director Jacqueline, respectively.

"The Elegant Empire" depicts justice trampled by huge forces, hidden truths, and the desperate and elegant journey of revenge between two men and women to regain their lost lives.

Kang Yul, who shows a fresh and friendly charm in dramas and entertainment, plays Jung Woo-hyeok, a new actor from NA Entertainment, who continues to walk the path of an actor after overcoming the sorrow of his powerless agency.

Jung Woo-hyeok, who lived with longing for Sin Joo-kyeong (Han Ji-wan), the head of NA Entertainment, whom he trusted and followed so much, is confused by the appearance of Seo Hee-jae, who looks like her but is so different.

Son Sung-yoon, who returned a year and three months after "Love Twist" plays Jacqueline, the director of the Female Fatale Museum of Art, which shakes the cultural, political and political circles, as well as the social world. Jacqueline seduces Jang Gi-yoon (Kim Jin-woo), the president of Imperial Entertainment, with her deadly charm as her weapon, and took over Sin Joo-kyeong's vacancy.

Above all, as Jang Gi-yoon, Jung Woo-hyeok, and Jacqueline are all deeply related to Sin Joo-kyeong, it raises expectations for the first broadcast of "The Elegant Empire" and how the three will react to the appearance of Seo Hee-jae, a Korean-Japanese who looks creepily alike Sin Joo-kyeong.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV's "The Elegant Empire" is scheduled to premiere in August as a follow-up to "Woman in a Veil".