KBS Drama Awards 2019 Most Popular Couple Online Vote

KBS Drama Awards 2019 most popular couple Online vote for the 2019/12/31 ceremony.

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Most Popular Couple

Choi Si-wonLee Yoo-young - "My Fellow Citizens"
Seol Jung-hwanChoi Yoon-so - "Down the Flower Path"
Yeon Woo-jinKim Sejeong - "I Wanna Hear Your Song"
Kim Jung-nanJang Hyun-sung - "Doctor Prisoner"
Kim Myung-sooShin Hye-sun - "Angel's Last Mission: Love"
Park Shin-yangGo Hyun-jung - "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho 2: Crime and Punishment"
Kang Ha-neulGong Hyo-jin - "When the Camellia Blooms"
Kim Ji-sukKim Kang-hoon - "When the Camellia Blooms"
Oh Jung-seYeom Hye-ran - "When the Camellia Blooms"
Seol In-ahKim Jae-young - "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life"
Jo Yoon-heeYoon Park - "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life"
Park Jung-sooJoo Hyun - "Mother of Mine"
Na Hye-miKim San-ho - "Home for Summer"
Yu Jun-sangShin Dong-mi - "Liver or Die"
Lee Si-youngChoi Dae-chul - "Liver or Die"
Lee Si-youngJeon Hye-bin - "Liver or Die"
Choi Jin-hyukNana - "Justice"
Jang Dong-yoonKim So-hyun - "The Tale of Nokdu"
Jang Dong-yoonKang Tae-oh - "The Tale of Nokdu"
Shin Sung-rokGo Won-hee - "Perfume"


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