KBS Dramas Will Skip Broadcasts During the Olympics

KBS dramas will be canceled one after another. This is due to the intensive broadcasting of the Tokyo Olympics, which opens on the 23rd and closes on August 8th.


According to KBS on the 21st, the 1TV daily drama "Be My Dream Family" which is located in the evening when major games are scheduled to take place, will not air until August 4th. 'The Tokyo Olympic Guidebook' will be broadcast instead of "Be My Dream Family" since the 19th, and the Olympic broadcast will be scheduled starting from the 23rd, starting with the broadcast of the opening ceremony. 2TV's daily drama "Red Shoes" will also be canceled from 26th to August 6th.

The 2TV weekend drama "Revolutionary Sisters" will be canceled on the 24th and 31st. The show will air at 10 PM on the 25th, after the Olympic broadcast. Depending on the results of the game in the future, there is a possibility that the schedule will be further changed.

The 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama will take a break during the Olympics with the end of "At a Distance, Spring is Green" on the 20th. The sequel, "Police University" will premiere on August 9th, after the Olympics.

KBS said, "We are making every effort to deliver vivid views of the game, including sending commentators in some sports such as soccer and baseball, and we are the only ones that opened a studio in Tokyo, Japan, among the three ground wave broadcasters. Therefore, it is inevitable to change the schedules of KBS dramas". In addition, KBS will focus on broadcasting and making efforts to form popular programs that viewers are waiting for.