KBS "Woman in a Veil" Casts Choi Yoon-young, Lee Chae-young and Eru

The main cast of KBS 2TV's new daily drama "Woman in a Veil" has been unveiled.


"Woman in a Veil" is a drama about a woman who loses her sight due to her husband and his lover and falls into 'Locked-In Syndrome' (conscious general paralysis) getting involved with an heiress who has everything and comes out for truth and revenge. According to the drama on the 15th, Choi Yoon-young, Lee Chae-young, Lee Sun-ho, Eru, Shin Go-eun, and Lee Eun-hyung have confirmed their appearances in the work.

Choi Yoon-young plays Oh Se-rin, an heiress with a rough personality. Lee Chae-young plays the role of Joo Ae-ra, who has a sly personality and will do anything to become YJ Group's daughter-in-law.

Lee Sun-ho meets viewers as Seo Tae-yang, who is cheerful, righteous, and brilliant. Eru plays Nam Yoo-jin, the successor of YJ Group, who has a simple and spontaneous personality.

In addition, Shin Go-eun will play the role of Jung Gyeo-wool, who has a graceful and pure appearance and a warm-hearted personality, and Lee Eun-hyung will play the role of Jeong Yeong-joon, Jung Gyeo-wool's step brother.

"Woman in a Veil" is directed by Shin Chang-seok, who directed "Young Lady and Gentleman" and "A Man in a Veil". The script is written by Lee Jeong-dae, a writer who worked with director Shin Chang-seok in "A Man in a Veil". The drama will be filmed with the goal of airing in the first half of next year.