"Killed My Wife" Lee Si-eon's Never Before Seen Performance

Actor Lee Si-eon comes back with a blackout thriller and undergoes an image transformation.


The film "Killed my Wife", which comes out in December, is about a man who doesn't remember the night he got drunk, but gets accused for his wife's death. This film is based on an original webtoon of the same title by Hee Na-ri.

Lee Si-eon debuted as Joong-ho in the 2009 drama "Friend, Our Story" and he fit his role perfectly, leaving a strong impression on the viewers. Then he continued to star in dramas such as "Answer Me 1997", "W", "Live" and "The Player". In "Killed my Wife", he takes on the role of Jeong-ho, the suspect accused of killing his own wife.

Lee Si-eon puts on a natural performance of getting drunk one night and not remembering the contents of the night the next day. However, he gets blamed for murder and finds himself in the worst situation without a single memory of the night before. Lee Si-eon will unfold all the acting experience he's built on so far.

"Killed my Wife" is coming out in early December.


"Killed my Wife" is directed by Kim Ha-ra, and features Lee Si-eon, Ahn Nae-sang, Wang Ji-hye, Seo Ji-young-I, Jung Do-hyun, Kim Ki-doo. Release date in Korea: 2019/12.