Kim Dasom Cast in "Is It a Coincidence?"

Actress Kim Dasom will join the new drama "Is It a Coincidence?" and work with Kim So-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop.


On the 28th, the agency Story J Company said, "Actress Kim Dasom has been cast in the new drama "Is It a Coincidence?". Please look forward to Kim Dasom, who will come back with a new look".

"Is It a Coincidence?" is a work that depicts the story of young people who meet their first love from 10 years ago and move on to find true love and dreams, and Kim Dasom plays Kim Hye-ji, an English teacher at Obok High School and best friend of Lee Hong-joo (Kim So-hyun).

Kim Dasom is expected to work hard, confirming her appearance in MBC's Friday-Saturday drama "Kokdu: Season of Deity" and "Is It a Coincidence?".

Meanwhile, "Is It a Coincidence?" starring Kim Dasom, Kim So-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop is scheduled to air next year.