Kim Go-eun and Kim Hye-soo don't mind the "Avengers"


"The Avengers: Age of Ultron" ticket sales has reached 90% and it's expected to clean sweep. However, there's something coming up that doesn't mind Hollywood. It's as mighty as "Iron Man", it's as strong as "Thor" and it's as scary as "The Hulk".

We're talking about Kim Hye-soo and Kim Go-eun. "Coin Locker Girl" has come out at last. The production presentation went over well and the audience cheered for the cast who challenged "The Avengers".

Korean movies have been showing a lack of actresses lately. Son Ye-jin starred in the previous "Pirates" and "Ode to My Father" is the last Korean movie to have seen light. Kim Hye-soo set forward with determination.

She said, "The movie has some emotional parts where you might find difficult to accept. I had a hard time deciding if I should do it or not. Every time went through disguise and went to work I felt thrilled once I set my mind to it. It was special time and I am proud for a movie like this to have been made".

"Coin Locker Girl" is about the survival of two women in China Town where only the 'useful' survive. Kim Hye-soo is the head of China Town known as 'Mom' and Kim Go-eun plays Il-yeong who was raised under her. There are scenes where stabbings, gun shootings, running and rolling occur. The movie is blended with money laundering, drugs, gambling, murder and human trafficking.

There's detail in the character of 'Mom'. Kim Go-eun attempts at a new character yet once again but comes back more mature. The two actresses with a 21-year-old age gap exchange unique emotions and create synergy out of their characters.

"Coin Locker Girl" is being released this 29th starring Kim Hye-soo, Kim Go-eun, Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Soo-kyung-I, Park Bo-gum, Lee Dae-yeon and Jo Bok-rae.