Kim Ha-neul, Im Soo-hyang and Ham Eun-jung to Save KBS

Actors Kim Ha-neul, Im Soo-hyang, and Ham Eun-jung will be the relievers of KBS dramas.


Recently, dramas organized by KBS have continued to decline in ratings. The Monday-Tuesday drama "Love Song for Illusion" which ended in February, had an average viewership of 1-2%, and the weekend drama "Live Your Own Life" had a sluggish performance, with an average viewership of 20%.

KBS, which had suffered one disappointment after another, wants to regain its old reputation by presenting three dramas in March. On top of that, attention is being paid to whether Kim Ha-neul, Im Soo-hyang and Ham Eun-jung will be able to bring warm breeze into the drama scene.

First of all, rom-com queen Kim Ha-neul will return to KBS drama after eight years since "Road to the Airport" in 2016. KBS2's new Monday-Tuesday drama, "Nothing Uncovered" starring Kim Ha-neul, is a melodrama-tracking thriller that falls into a huge whirlpool, tracking down a series of murders between a reporter who grabs bad guys by the collar and a detective from a homicide team who handcuffs bad guys.

Kim Ha-neul, who plays the role of reporter Seo Jeong-won in the drama, predicted another new transformation for viewers. As she is on the verge of falling from the peak of her perfect life in a moment, she is expected to portray the character with excitement. "It was a work full of affection from the beginning", she said about the process of preparing for the work, "I hope it becomes a work that is loved by many people".

Im Soo-hyang will also return to KBS2's new weekend drama "Beauty and Mr. Romantic" eight years after "Five Children" which aired in 2016. "Beauty and Soonjungnam", which will premiere on the 23rd, is a turbulent romance growth drama about a top actress who falls to the bottom overnight and a first-time drama PD who loves her and wakes her up again.

Im Soo-hyang plays Park Do-ra, a top actress who has been building filmography since she was a child, led by her mother. She has lived like a money-making machine as the head of her family for 15 years, but she plans to express her honest character with her feelings without feeling intimidated. Regarding the part that focused on acting, she said, "I put a lot of effort and thought into clearly expressing Do-ra's inner emotional changes as well as her appearance".

Finally, Ham Eun-jung will appear as a doctor in KBS1's new daily drama, "Su-ji and U-ri", which will air for the first time on the 25th. "Su-ji and U-ri" which will be broadcast as a follow-up to "Unpredictable Family" is a film about the romance between a fallen star doctor and a novice doctor. Jin Soo-ji, played by Ham Eun-jung, is a psychiatrist with a perfectionist tendency and continues her active activities through broadcasting, books, and lectures as well as her main job.

"She is a perfectionist character, but she has a warm heart that values people inside", she said. "She pushes herself to become a recognized person for the hurt she received in his childhood". To realize perfect character synchronization, she read books related to psychiatry and went to a specialist in person to ask for advice. Expectations are high for Ham Eun-jung's performance in leading the story excitingly at the center of the drama.