Kim Hae-sook and Shin Min-a, "To Our Mothers"

The tea time of actors Kim Hae-sook and Shin Min-a was captured.


On the 20th, fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar released a pictorial of Kim Hae-sook and Shin Min-a, who encountered their mother and daughter through the movie "Our Season".

Kim Hae-sook, played the role of a mother, Bok-ja, who came down to meet her daughter on a three-day vacation from the sky on the third year of her death in "Our Season" and said, "I've never met Min-a before, but I've always wanted to work with her once. We still send text messages and call each other like mother and daughter. I've just got another pretty daughter now", she said, expressing her affection. Shin Min-a, who played her daughter Jin-joo who returns to the country house, said, "She loved me being nervous, so I was able to film comfortably. Maybe because the movie is about a mother and daughter, I still feel like she is a real mother even after the filming", she said.

Kim Hae-sook has been ' mom' to numerous stars, and said that acting as a mother in "Our Season" was very difficult. She said, "I've played a lot of mothers, but this time I'm not a living mother, but a mother who's on vacation for three days from heaven. Since I am a person in the real world, I thought a lot about what that would be like. It was hard in the beginning, but when I saw Min-a, it came out naturally. I'm a mother who doesn't exist in the world, but I wanted to show that 'a mom is a mom'", she said. Kim Hae-sook, who said she thought a lot about her mother, who passed away, said, "I'm also someone's mother now and I was someone's daughter in the past, and I thought a lot about how I would like my mother to come down on a three-day vacation and what I would do if she came. I want to dedicate this movie to my mom", she added.

Shin Min-a, who consistently practiced cooking and cutting as she plays a restaurant owner in the movie, said, "I don't usually enjoy cooking, but this time I found some talent while trimming various ingredients. My mom made a lot of bulgogi, so I still like bulgogi. I think food such as bulgogi and kimchi stew that my mom cooked for me is my comfort food", she said.

Photos and interviews of Kim Hae-sook and Shin Min-a can be found on the website of the December issue of Harper's Bazaar.

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