Kim Hee-ae in "The Moon" with Sol Kyung-gu and Do Kyung-soo

Actress Kim Hee-ae is joining "The Moon".


"The Moon" is about a man left alone in space and another man on Earth desperately trying to save him, helmed by Kim Yong-hwa.

With Seol Kyung-gu, a leading actor in Korea, and Do Kyung-soo, who is drawing attention as a next-generation Korean movie star, Kim Hee-ae's addition to the cast creates a strong combination.

The role of Moon-yeong played by Kim Hee-ae, is the general manager of a NASA space station. Sol Kyung-gu, a man trying to save a man left alone in space, Do Kyung-soo, a man isolated in space by an unexpected accident, and Kim Hee-ae, the director of NASA's executive director who holds the key to the incident; their synergy is highly anticipated.

Meanwhile, "The Moon" begins filming soon.