Kim Hee-ae, Kim Nam-joo and Kim Hee-sun's Tranformation

It's the cheat key of the ratings queens. The sisters come back wearing toughness, not just romance.


The home turf is still full of female narratives. Actresses are being unveiled one after another. The return of the 'elder sisters' to succeed Lee Young-ae will likely continue. The first person to come back is Kim Nam-joo. Having already dominated the queen series such as "My Wife is a Superwoman" and "Queen of Reversals", Kim Nam-joo will present MBC's "Wonderful World" with writer Kim Ji-eun-III.

Kim Nam-joo, who had already recorded 8.5% (Nielsen Korea's tally) which is a high viewer rating on JTBC at the time through "Misty", will meet "Wonderful World", which is the best choice for her next work in six years. "Wonderful World" is a human mystery drama in which Eun Soo-hyeon (Kim Nam-joo), who personally executed the killer who killed her son, digs up the mysterious secrets related to the day, and is expected to be completely different from the acting Kim Nam-joo has shown so far.

The production team said, "Eun Soo-hyeon, an unconventional character who directly punishes the killer for her son, meets with Kim Nam-joo's acting and creates an explosive synergy".

It is also good to see the comeback of Kim Hee-ae, who will have a busier year than anyone else this year. Kim Hee-ae is set to release her new work, "A Normal Family" directed by Hur Jin-ho, after meeting with audiences with the movie "Dead Man" on the 7th. On top of that, Kim Hee-ae, who impressed those who watched Netflix's "Queenmaker" last year, will meet viewers around the world through the new series "The Whirlwind". The return of Kim Hee-ae who has already peaked at "The World of the Married" and recorded 28.4% of JTBC's all-time viewership, is enough to instill expectations in viewers.

Starring Kim Hee-ae, "The Whirlwind" is a political thriller that depicts a story of a confrontation between the prime minister who wants to uproot a huge corrupt power and the deputy prime minister for economic affairs who confronts it, and is also expected to be a new work by Park Kyeong-soo, who has created a power trilogy such as "THE CHASER - Drama", "Empire of Gold" and "Punch - Drama".

The comeback of Kim Hee-sun, the star of the "Woman of Dignity" craze, is also welcome. Kim Hee-sun will return through MBC's new drama "Bitter Sweet Hell" which will be released this year. "Bitter Sweet Hell" is a human black comedy about the main character, who is one of Korea's best home psychological counselors, who is threatened by an unknown criminal, trying to protect her family by cooperating with her mother-in-law, a mystery writer.

Kim Hee-sun plays No Yeong-won, Korea's top family counselor and beloved celebrity. Kim Hee-sun, who was envious of many people who broke down as "Woman of Dignity", is expected to make viewers fall in love again this time. Also, the wo-mance with her mother-in-law Lee Hye-young-I (Hong Sa-kang) is drawing keen attention.