Kim Hee-sun Draws the Revenge of a Housewife Who's Lost her Husband and her Life

"Everywhere people live, they're the same. I think desire is the same all over the world. I hope global viewers can relate to that common code".


The original drama "Remarriage and Desires" which was released on Netflix, an online video service (OTT) on the 15th, is a hot topic. It is the first Korean popular drama that Netflix presents for the new influx of generations 40 to 50. It also introduced the first 'home shopping promotion' of the drama. Kim Hee-sun, who plays the main character Seo Hye-seung, was on a video interview on the 18th, and said, "At first, I opposed of the home shopping, but when I went out, it was so fun and I thought it was novel, so I worked the hardest".

"Remarriage and Desires" depicts Seo Hye-seung, a housewife who lost her husband and daily life to Jin Yoo-hee (Jung Eugene), joining the marriage information company Rex for the upper class of society and taking revenge. It depicts revenge with various provocative materials such as affair, divorce, suicide, and fraud of high levels. According to Flix Patrol, a ranking aggregation site on the 17th, "Remarriage and Desires" is ranked second in Korea.

Kim Hee-sun convincingly expressed her inner self changing from an ordinary housewife to a revengeful person. Kim Hee-sun, who said that Seo Hye-seung's character, who is a faithful mother to her family but has a hot side at the same time, said, "Seo Hye-seung is so frustrating at times but revenge is always better when you're not expecting it", adding, "I was curious on how to express this revenge and focused on expressing cartharsis".

"I dealt with the unfamiliar subject of marriage information companies, but I felt it was refreshing to be able to show the world the unique material of our country", she said, confirming through Instagram that the number of global fans increases day by day every morning. "Remarriage and Desires" is ranked 8th globally as of Thursday.

Of course, it is not just good reviews. The probability of the ending and romance narrative is criticized for the short composition of the eight-part series, which is difficult to contain all the narratives. It has a rating of 2.1 points for Watchapedia and 7.2 points for IMDb. Kim Hee-sun said, "It contrasts with Jin Yoo-hee's high-level physical narrative, and I don't think all such emotional changes or narratives have been revealed".

Kim Hee-sun, who still likes to hear the word 'pretty', said, "Unlike in the past, contents and materials have become more diverse, and people in their 40s who have had children like me, have more roles to play", wrapping up the interview.