Kim Hee-sun in the Wild and Windy Night

Actress Kim Hee-sun survived the fierce river wind.


On the 18th, Kim Hee-sun showed fans the situation until just now when she was walking on Hannam Bridge on her Instagram, saying, "It's a walk on Hannam Bridge.

Kim Hee-sun, who appears to be filming a drama, has finished her full set. From hair to makeup to styling, it is in perfect condition, but the wind above Hannam Bridge seems to have been stronger than Kim Hee-sun thought.

Kim Hee-sun's hair was scattered by the river wind. Kim Hee-sun barely opened her eyes and took the picture, but the pictures were completed as if they were pictorials. Kim Hee-sun drew admiration with her small face and full features.

Kim Hee-sun debuted in 1993 through a commercial. She appeared in dramas such as "Chunhyangjeon", "The Men of the Bath House", " Wedding Dress", "Three Men, Three Women", "Mr. Q", " Likable or Not", " Sunflower", " My Fair Lady", "Sad Love Story", "On Air", "Very Good Times", "Woman of Dignity", "Tomorrow", and "Remarriage and Desires".

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