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Kim Jae-joong comes back, "After 2 years absent, I was afraid to be forgotten"

Kim Jae-joong's interview is out.


He claims he was afraid to be forgotten while he was gone away in the army so he wanted to work more. Kim Jae-joong said, "The military is duty but I couldn't help but be afraid of the absence".

"I heard people telling me that I look better with my hair short and some say I look better with longer hair. Don't misunderstand, I look good with short hair too".

Kim Jae-joong has been in the showbiz for 14 years. He says he can't believe it and he can't remember things that happened just a few years back. He is coming back soon with "Man-Hole" and claims it's a light and fun movie.

Meanwhile, @Style features Kim Jae-joong in its August issue. The following interview talks about Kim Jae-joong's behind-the-scene stories and his life when he was in the military.

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