Kim Jae-wook, "Japanese Was the First Language I Learned"

Actor Kim Jae-wook revealed why he is fluent in Japanese.


SBS's "My Ugly Duckling" which aired on the 10th, featured Kim Jae-wook as a special MC.

MC Seo Jang-hoon and Shin Dong-yup mentioned Kim Jae-wook's nickname 'sexy decadent handsome man', and asked, "You are sexy trash when you play the role of a psychopath, and you are a sexy priest even when you play the role of a priest. How does it feel to hear that you have decadent beauty?"

Kim Jae-wook replied, "I feel so good. You never know how long that's going to last".

To Kim Jae-wook's response, Shin Dong-yup said, "It will last forever. You're going to be hearing that from the older ladies when you're old and at the welfare center".

Kim Jae-wook then mentioned the role of No Seon-gi, who he played in MBC's drama "Coffee Prince". At the time, he drew attention with his fluent Japanese skills.

When asked if he had lived in Japan before, Kim Jae-wook said, "My family went to Japan together as soon as I was born. My father was a newspaper reporter. I ended up working as a correspondent in Tokyo. Then, right before I entered elementary school, Japanese was the first language I learned".

Afterward, Kim Jae-wook delivered his impression on "My Little Old Boy" in Japanese.

SBS's "My Little Old Boy" is a TV program in which a mother becomes a speaker, observes her son's daily life, and records moments through a parenting diary, and airs every Sunday at 9:05 PM.