Kim Ji-soo joins 'Hwarang' as Park Hyung-sik's mother

KBS 2TV's forthcoming drama, "Hwarang" has confirmed Kim Ji-soo's casting.


Kim Ji-soo's agency Namoo Actors said in the morning on March 7th, "Kim Ji-soo has been cast as Queen Mother Jiso in KBS 2TV's "Hwarang" slated for the second half of this year".

Kim Ji-soo will present the powerful and charismatic woman as Queen Mother Jiso, mother of Sam-maek-jong (King Jinheung - Park Hyung-sik).

The character Queen Mother Jiso is someone of chilly charisma and far-reaching ambition contrary to her elegant and simple face. While she received great reviews for her role Sin Do-gyeong, a female villain character in "Women in the Sun" previously, how she would nail her female villain character this time is drawing attention.

Also, Kim Ji-soo stars in tvN's Friday & Saturday drama, "Memory", which begins on March 18th. Her role is a mom with two children and a wife to the leading character (played by Lee Sung-min), a lawyer working for a law firm, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Kim Ji-soo, who landed roles in the two of the most anticipated dramas in the second half of 2016, is drawing attention as to her transformation for her two roles of the different natures.