Kim Ki-ri and Moon Ji-in to Wed in May

Actress Moon Ji-in will marry comedian Kim Ki-ri.


On the 29th, Moon Ji-in's agency Shim Story Co., Ltd. officially announced their marriage through an official press release.

Moon Ji-in, who was loved by viewers for her irreplaceable acting skills, becomes a bride in May.

Moon Ji-in energized the drama as a new PD voice actor on tvN's "Kill Heel" and was active as Seo Hyun-jin's one-man director and manager on JTBC's "Beauty Inside - Drama", a comprehensive programming channel. In SBS's "Doctors", she impressed viewers as a friend of Park Shin-hye and a bubbly character that gives vitality to the drama, and in "Grand Prince", she received a lot of attention for her elegant and stable performance unique to historical dramas.

Recently, Moon Ji-in appeared in an entertainment show with SBS's "Goalie Girls" and captured the hearts of viewers with her candid charm.

Kim Ki-ri, who was reborn as an actor from a comedian who dominated the stage with various buzzwords and segments, met the audience with the play "Hertzklan".

Kim Ki-ri has built up his acting skills through various dramas and films such as movies "Ms. Apocalypse", "Portrait of a Family", drama TVING "Queen Woo", KBS 2TV "Hello, Me!", "Liver or Die", MBC every1 "Please Don't Date Him" with his breathtaking acting that captivates the stage.

Meanwhile, Moon Ji-in and Kim Ki-ri's wedding will be held in private somewhere in downtown Seoul in May.