Kim Min-hee is Park Chan-wook and Hong Sang-soo's muse


Actress Kim Min-hee is building her filmography with other great directors.

According to the film industry lately, Kim Min-hee has been cast for Hong Sang-soo's newest film "Right Now, Wrong Then". They start filming in January and the title or details of the movie are still hidden.

However, the fact that Kim Min-hee is working with the unique Hong Sang-soo, is enough to raise expectations on the movie. It's not easy to picture those two together.

Previously, Kim Min-hee was cast for Park Chan-wook's "Fingersmith". This film starts filming in May, after she's done with Hong Sang-soo.

Kim Min-hee has become the muse of two of the greatest renowned directors in the country. "Fingersmith" is based on an original novel by Sarah Waters, an English writer. Kim Min-hee plays a royal lady who is given a mass amount of family wealth. Hong Sang-soo's method of directing is known to be mysterious and spontaneous and Kim Min-hee is brave to have agreed to that.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-hee has been recognized for her performance in "Helpless" and continued to appear in "Very Ordinary Couple" and "No Tears for the Dead".