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Kim Nam-gil does homework he's held back for two years

First schedule, Japanese Fan Meeting


Actor Kim Nam-gil who finishes his National Service duty on the 14th, starts the engine to Hallyu. He has been getting various love calls from movies and dramas as well as other entertainment programs. However, he needs to finish an old homework first. He has to meet his Japanese fans. He couldn't even finish the second episode of the drama "Bad Man" when he joined the military service. NHK aired the drama and was agreat hit but he wasn't there at various events. He is going to make it up to Japanese fans once he comes out.

He is planning on meeting with fans in various forms and come back as an actor at the same time. He is thinking hard between two dramas and a movie. He is also going to star in the SBS talk show, "Go Show" hosted by Go Hyun-jung whom he has starred in "Queen Seon-deok" with.

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