Kim Rae-won as Detective in "The First Responders"

Kim Rae-won turns into a passionate detective.


The new SBS TV drama "The First Responders" is a joint response field log between the police who catch criminals and firefighters who catch fires. The police station and the fire station jointly respond to fierce scenes between crime, disasters and emergencies.

This is Kim Rae-won's first drama in 6 years since "Doctors" in 2016. He takes on the role of Jin Ho-gae, a detective through and through who always gets his criminals. He gets misjudged because of his eyes and way of speech but he is a person with a sharp ability to grasp the scene, insight into reading the criminal's psychology and competitiveness.

Son Ho-jun and Gong Seung-yeon also add to the cast. Son Ho-jun plays Bong Do-jin, a fireman. He looks cold on the outside but he jumps into the fire without hesitation for his victims. Gong Seung-yeon takes on the role of Song Sol, a delicate character who doesn't miss the smallest things.

"The First Responders" is written by Min Ji-eun and it is directed by Shin Kyeong-soo. The drama premiers in the early half of the year.

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