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Kim Sejeong to Consider "The Uncanny Counter Season 2"

Singer and actress Kim Sejeong is positively considering appearing in "The Uncanny Counter Season 2".


On the 22nd, Jellyfish's agency said, "We are positively considering it after receiving an offer to appear in "The Uncanny Counter Season 2"".

"The Uncanny Counter Season 2" is a delightful and sweaty villain-tapping hero in which evil hunters "Counters" pretend to be employees of a noodle restaurant and defeat evil spirits on the ground. Kim Sejeong appeared as Do Ha-na in the "The Uncanny Counter" and works with Cho Byeong-kyu, Yu Jun-sang, and Yeom Hye-ran. With the production of "The Uncanny Counter Season 2" confirmed last year, expectations are high on Kim Sejeong.

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong played the leading role of On Ma-eum in the recently concluded SBS drama "Today's Webtoon".

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