Kim Si-eun-I, Cast for "Squid Game - Season 2"?

Amid reports that actress Kim Si-eun-I has been cast in Netflix's "Squid Game - Season 2", the agency said it is impossible to confirm.


On the 26th, Keyeast said in a phone call with E-Daily, "We can't confirm about "Squid Game - Season 2". On the 18th, Netflix announced a list of male actors who have been confirmed to appear in the new season, including actors Im Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Park Sung-hoon and Yang Dong-geun.

Amid OSEN reports that Kim Si-eun-I was cast in "Squid Game - Season 2", attention is also focused on Kim Si-eun-I.

Kim Si-eun-I appeared in the movie "Next Sohee" and won the Best Female New Actress Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards this year. "Next Sohee" is a work that deals with the incident experienced by So-hee, a high school girl who went on a field trip to a call center, and the story of Yoo-jin, a female detective, who doubts her.