Kim So-hyun's University Dreams and Plans for the Future

Kim So-hyun, the young girl we once knew, is now a grown-up who is 10 years into her career. She's lived half of her life as an actress and is no longer a child actress.

Kim So-hyun debuted in 2008 through the drama "Evil Twin" and continued on in many dramas until she recently starred in the KBS 2TV drama "Radio Romance" as Song Geu-rim.

She's been an actress for a long time, but she's still young. It wouldn't have been easy for her to act out life and love of a woman in her 20s. "I tried, but I couldn't bring myself to be an adult. I tried more to focus on Song Geu-rim herself".

The drama meant a lot to her although it ended with low numbers at 2~3%. Kim So-hyun said, "I don't think I can say I'm sad it ended that way. I guess if the percentage was better than what it was, all the hard work would have paid off even more. However, despite the results, everyone was happy and the staff were very considerate of me".

"Radio Romance" is the first drama she took on since she changed agencies. "I don't feel a difference yet. It just means a lot because it's my first drama at the age of twenty. What I do in the future is more important".

Kim So-hyun entered the Department of Theater and Film at Hanyang University this year. "It's still all very awkward to me. I don't know so many things so I'm asking a lot of my friends for help. I'm sure I'll eventually find my place".

She has dreams of her school life just like any other student. "I don't want lunches on the grass. I want to drink with my friends and work on team projects with them. I will have a hard time balancing school and work, but whenever I'm at school, I'm going to do my best".

It's been 10 years. "I don't feel it yet. I feel lucky just to have been able to act like I have now. I plan on continuing what I do and showing everyone who Kim So-hyun is".


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