Kim So-hyun to Star in "River Where the Moon Rises"

Actress Kim So-hyun confirmed to star in "River Where the Moon Rises".


The new drama "River Where the Moon Rises" announced the casting of Kim So-hyun.

In 2021, the anticipated drama "River Where the Moon Rises" is a story of Pyeong-kang who uses On-dal's heart in dreams of becoming supreme king and the mournful love story of On-dal, who only makes foolish sacrifices. Director Yoon Sang-ho will take the megaphone and writer Han Ji-hoon, who showed high-absorbing writing skills in numerous works, will join forces.

With this, Kim So-hyun was announced to lead star in the drama as Pyeong-kang / Yeom Ga-jin. Pyeong-kang in the drama is a woman who was born as a princess and raised by a killer and runs toward the goal of establishing the status of the Goguryeo, which has collapsed. Although she is ambitious to become the first woman to become supreme queen of the Goguryeo, she is also confused by the new emotions she experiences when she meets On-dal.

Kim So-hyun debuted in 2008 and has been building a solid career in dramas "The Sun and the Moon", "Ruler: Master of the Mask", "The Tale of Nokdu", "Love Alarm", "Bring It On, Ghost" and other modern and historical dramas. She's been listed as a top star for her performance in films "The Last Princess" and "Pure Love - Movie".

Expectations are high on how Kim So-hyun will create a dramatic character that crosses between princess and killer, captivating viewers with her charm.

The production company of "River Where the Moon Rises" announced that this will possibly be Kim So-hyun's life character.

"River Where the Moon Rises" is expected to broadcast in early 2021.