Kim Soo-hyun Visits IU and Yeo Jin-goo on "Hotel Del Luna" Site

Actor Kim Soo-hyun showed his support for IU and Yeo Jin-goo.

Yeo Jin-goo posted pictures on his Instagram saying, "What a surprise! Soo-hyun! Thank you so much! I'll take all that energy to work harder!"

The pictures are of Kim Soo-hyun and the two top cast of "Hotel Del Luna".

Kim Soo-hyun is dressed all in black and looks very playful with Yeo Jin-goo.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-hyun enlisted in the army on the 23rd of October in 2017 and he was discharged on the 1st of July. Kim Soo-hyun acted with Yeo Jin-goo in the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon", and with IU in "Producers".

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